Rapidly expand your success and impact as a coach, speaker or author with our online business ecosystem services designed to take away the headache of managing a business.

Create Your Epic Impact

As a coach, speaker or author, you’ve got an amazing, life-transforming message to share.

But often, the nitty gritty of business can consume your day. Not only is it stressful, it also means you spend less time doing what you do best — spreading your message, connecting with your audience, and creating epic impact.

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How Can Our Online Business Ecosystem
Services Help You?


We bring a rare fusion of personalized service and passion into every project, without the hefty price tag. Our rates have been structured to be affordable for the average aspiring coach, speaker and author, so you’ll be able to enjoy premium services of world-class standards and quality results without having to burn a hole in your pocket.


Hiring a freelance team is a lot of work. Briefing and giving feedback to each individual freelancer can be an arduous task, not to mention all the different time zones of various freelancers which could keep you working around the clock! Working with us means you’ll have just one contact point at your service to your convenience.


We provide everything you need under one roof. We’re not just website developers. We’re not just a VA service. We’re not just project management service providers. We are a complete, integrated one-stop shop backend business for coaches, speakers and authors. This enables streamlined execution with more speed and greater ease.


Whether you need a website designed or a new product launched, we have some of the best talent at your disposal. We also continually train our talents to keep up with the latest industry trends. This means you no longer have to weed through resumes or click countless LinkedIn profiles to find talent, nor invest time and money into training newbies.


We have over two decades of online marketing and management experience, as well as experience working with high performing businesses in the personal development and coaching space. That’s why we know what it takes to grow a business for coaches, speakers and authors — from processes to mindsets and strategies — and give you rapid results.


Now that you’re free from the bulk of daily business operations, you no longer have to try and be the “Jack of all Trades” in your business. You can simply be the master of ONE — spreading your message to deliver real-world epic impact.

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Addicted To Serve & Love

Serving and loving others is the fuel for a higher humanity. And we are totally addicted to helping our clients spread more love, service and positive impact. It becomes even more fulfilling when we get ‘love notes’ from our clients (most businesses call it testimonials, but we prefer to call ‘em ‘love notes’).


Educator | Best-selling author | Emotional health & wellness geek

Epic has been 1000% at exceeding, and meeting all of the smallest things when it comes to the backend of business operations. Streamline, weekly meetings, weekly structure, benchmarks, and most of all organization. I cannot possibly think of growing and scaling without Epic’s help and our team to get us there and keeping me organized.Mostly managing my own head. Managing me – takes a ton of work, and thankfully epic and the team has been spot on with everything – including wedding invitations, totally unrelated to business, just to keep things seamless and stress- free in my life.

Our addiction to serve and love is exactly why we care for your business like it is our very own, and why we are committed to continually deliver quality service and results that really matter — for you, and the world.