Epic Businesses

We Don’t Have A Magic Wand. But We Have Unwavering Passion & World-Class Industry Experience. And That’s Almost The Same Thing.

EPIC Business is a one-stop online business ecosystem service provider to help increase both the income and impact of coaches, speakers and authors.

Having helped countless of clients including Sandy Foster, Neeta Bhushan and Paul Hoffman create formidable brands in the personal development and coaching industry, we deeply understand the specific processes, mindset and strategies that coaches, speakers and authors need to succeed.

Our proven solutions and business ecosystem systems have been custom-developed and continually tested to grow the business of coaches, speakers and authors while maintaining integrity and alignment with their individual uniqueness and message.

Behind the scenes of EPIC Business is Himanshu Jakhar and Ajit Nawalkha, the co-founders who bring over two decades of experience each in online marketing and management. Most importantly, they are fuelled by an unwavering passion to help coaches, speakers and authors amplify their message and impact effectively.

Their experience in the industry has also connected EPIC Business with equally passionate team members who have incredible expertise in their respective fields of work — all so that we can deliver only the best to you.

Here’s a little bit more about our co-founders and why they’re excited to deliver your message to the world.